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Wind Protect ®

Roof Attachment System

Installing rooftop pavers for amenities with a seamless look

Wind Protect ® USA Corp., the ultimate system to attach pavers on a roof deck.  Our patent-pending system  is unique in that it hides the roof attachment in a slot on each corner of the paver slab so you see nothing but the pavers.  Unlike others, where the attachment is visible and breaks the flow of the pavers.  Here it shows how 4 attachments would come together, with the pavers, secured by a middle screw.


This photo indicates how the concrete paver slab has a depression on each corner where an attachment is cemented in and secured with a screw to the pedestal. The concrete slab is the ultimate base, avoiding sound from walking, or deteriorating as other plastic or steel systems.


This view shows how a tile of porcelain, marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, etc. can be installed over the concrete paver slab with modified thin-set, securing the system to the pedestal.

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